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Download the Free Version of Autonomo in 2 Easy Steps:

Below are instructions for creating your Troverlo account, installing Autonomo, and troubleshooting issues. For best results during testing, we recommend installing Autonomo on 3+ devices to create local coverage. This ensures devices are tracked regardless of internet connectivity and is the best proxy for a full deployment.


Step 1:  Create Your Company's Troverlo Account
Create your account in the Troverlo Portal and respond to the confirmation email.
Step 2:  Install Autonomo on a Windows Device

Once logged into the Troverlo Portal, download Autonomo by clicking "Latest Autonomo Download" on the bottom of the left toolbar.  An install wizard will guide the installation.



If you have any issues, we encourage you to check out our Autonomo Installation GuideKnowledge Base, Community Forum or create a ticket in our Support Center, we are happy to help!

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