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Troverlo Autonomo - Your Solution for Smarter Equipment Tracking


Benefits of Implementing Troverlo Autonomo

In healthcare, every asset is vital. Troverlo delivers asset visibility for healthcare facilities. Track and safeguard critical equipment, from diagnostic tools to beds. With Troverlo, your focus remains where it should be—on exceptional patient care and well-being.

Automatic Inventory Management

Eliminate the need for manual barcode scanning and manual searches to track down assets

Recover And Redeploy Assets

Quickly find assets across the hospital so you have the equipment, bed, or wheelchair you need when you need it. Saving valuable time.

Usage Insights

Collect data on which equipment is being used the most frequently, enabling smarter procurement. 

City scape with Wi-Fi icons across the city

Autonomo devices create a robust local observation network

When Autonomo devices are connected, they actively scan for nearby Troverlo enabled devices, including other disconnected Autonomo devices and battery-powered tags.


Key Features of Troverlo Autonomo

Autonomo effortlessly grants organizations complete visibility into their electronic devices, guaranteeing that each and every device is meticulously tracked without the need for tedious manual intervention.

Seamless Integration

Autonomo software can be loaded onto virtually any Wi-Fi capable device. 

Real-time Asset Tracking

Gain visibility into where your assets are located and how they are being used. 

Offline Data Collection

Collect data on assets regardless of internet connectivity.

Global Scalability

Autonomo software can be pushed out  through existing device management systems.

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