Tags Provide Location Tracking for Any Asset - No Power or Wi-Fi Needed

With the addition of Troverlo's Add-On tags, organizations are tracking every asset across their operations. 


Automatically gather location and usage data - no employee action required!

The easy to implement, low cost, asset tags enable every asset to be tracked without the need for expensive infrastructure. 

Long Battery Life

Troverlo battery tags last up to 5 years on 2 AA batteries, meaning you have consistent visibility. When batteries start to run low, the Troverlo portal let's you know so you never lose visibility. 

Low Profile

Troverlo battery tags are roughly the size of two AA batteries. Our host powered tags that can be wired directly into powered equipment are the size of a bottle cap! 

Work Rain or Shine

Troverlo battery tags are ruggedized and weatherproof ensuring they can withstand even the most challenging environments.

The Real Advantage of Troverlo is Our Price Point and Ease of Use

Less than 1/5 the cost of other tracking solutions
Easy to use web portal and phone app
Simple to install readers and tags
Image of Troverlo Water-Resistant Battery Powered Tag with a Black, Hard Plastic Case

Battery Powered Water-Resistant Tag

Battery Powered tags can be added to any asset, regradless if it has power. Examples of assets these could be added to include inventory, containers, equipment, etc.

Image of Troverlo Host Powered Tag with a barrel connector

Host Powered Tag

Host Powered tags can be added to any powered asset such as vehicles or equipment.


Mobile Tag Reader

Mobile Tag Readers can be added to vehicles to provide tracking of the vehicle while also scanning for any other Troverlo tags within 100-300 yards.

Ready to Transform Your Asset Tracking?

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