Autonomo Unlocks Total Visibility and Security for Your Assets

A simple background app that monitors your entire device ecosystem ensuring complete visibility and inventory regardless of connectivity. 


Benefits of Implementing Troverlo Autonomo

With Autonomo added onto every asset, your organization improves IT operations, prevents losses, and reduces security risk. All of this combines to provide a compelling ROI. 

Automatic Inventory Management

Eliminate the need for manual barcode scanning and manual outreach to employees to track the devices in their possession

Recover Devices During Employee Turnover

On average, enterprises lose 5-20% of employee provisioned devices on an annual basis due to employee turnover.

Reduce Risk of Data Breach

22% of data breaches occur from lost/stolen corporate devices. Improved visibility and recovery of devices improves security.


Key Features of Troverlo Autonomo

Autonomo effortlessly grants organizations complete visibility into their electronic devices, guaranteeing that each and every device is meticulously tracked without the need for tedious manual intervention.

Seamless Integration

Low resource utilization means Autonomo can be loaded onto virtually any Wi-Fi capable device. 

Real-time Asset Tracking

Gain visibility into where your assets are located and how they are being used. 

Offline Data Collection

Collect location and usage data on assets regardless of internet connectivity.

Global Scalability

Autonomo can be pushed out through existing device management systems and automatically register with auto-provisioning.

Image of Cityscape at night with Wi-Fi icons connected by lines across the entire city

Autonomo devices create a robust local observation network

When Autonomo devices are connected, they actively scan for nearby Troverlo enabled devices, including other disconnected Autonomo devices and battery-powered tags.


Use Cases by Industry

A man using his laptop on a ledge at sunset.

Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT organizations use Autonomo to seamlessly track provisioned employee devices. When onsite, devices track them selves but also scan for other devices nearby, providing tracking capabilities for both electronics and hard assets. 

Classroom full of students using laptops tracked by Troverlo Autonomo.


Universities and School Districts use Autonomo to track school devices and other high value assets. Since no infrastructure is needed, Autonomo provides a simple to implement solution for tracking student devices, expensive lab equipment, and other assets.

A surgeon utilizing location tracking and data analysis at a computer.


For hospitals, clinics, and research institutions Autonomo provides a way to track every asset onsite that has a Wi-Fi chip. This reduces the loss of equipment walking out the door and provides a robust local network inside the facility to track other assets like beds, wheelchairs, and much more. 

Banker sitting at a desk with a computer tracked by Troverlo


Data breach prevention is of the utmost importance for banks. With a primary source for breaches coming from lost corporate devices, Banks find it critical to know where every laptop is at all times. Using Autonomo organizations automatically manage this inventory, regardless of connectivity.

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