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Locate and Collect Data on Your Entire Asset Portfolio, With or Without Connectivity

Effortless, scalable tracking

Troverlo Autonomo - Never Lose a Smart Device Again

Troverlo streamlines asset tracking for businesses, making it a breeze to manage inventory assets like IT equipment, devices, tools, and machines. Our cutting-edge Autonomo software works with virtually any Wi-Fi capable device, allowing effortless asset location tracking and data collection, even when they're offline.

Welcome to Troverlo, the leading asset management platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing system. Experience the future of asset management today!

Visibility without Connectivity

Autonomo provides location and usage data about assets, even when the device is not connected to the internet.

Seamless Implementation

A background app that seamlessly integrates with your entire ecosystem of devices and effortlessly deployed through existing device management systems - no tags required!

Additional Asset Tracking

Autonomo enabled devices create create a robust local network for tracking any asset by adding Troverlo asset tags.

Key Features

No Human Intervention

Gather data effortlessly, without the need for someone to tediously scan a barcode, fuss over setting up a connection, or go through the hassle of registering a device.

No New Hardware

You won't have to spend a dime on tracking devices because Troverlo can be easily configured to work with virtually any device that has Wi-Fi.

Complete Visibility

Monitor your valuable assets whether they're at the workplace, a local café, or at home. Our device tracking system works both online and offline, ensuring constant visibility.

See how we solve IT challenges

Never say “I can’t afford to track that” again.  Troverlo is designed to track your entire portfolio. With our cost advantages, you can track more than just your most valuable assets.

Use Cases

Who Benefits from Troverlo?

Gaining visibility of your assets can bring remarkable benefits to any industry and company. While we primarily focus on the applications mentioned below, we are thrilled to venture into uncharted territories. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information and discover more about what we can offer!

Revolutionize IT Asset Tracking

Unlock Precision Management for Your IT Ecosystem

Boost your IT department's productivity by tapping into the power of Wi-Fi-enabled devices to effortlessly locate and oversee your entire IT ecosystem. Bid farewell to tedious manual inventory checks and embrace the era of precise management. Seamlessly integrate Troverlo with your existing asset management platform - so your team can continue to use one pane of glass. 

A man using his laptop on a ledge at sunset.
Elevate Asset Management in Education

Smart Solutions for Smarter Campuses

Transform your campus operations with Troverlo's intelligent asset management. Ensure your educational resources, from laptops to lab equipment, are always accounted for. Focus on what matters most—knowledge and innovation.

Classroom full of students using laptops tracked by Troverlo Autonomo
Optimize Asset Visibility in Healthcare

Securing Health Assets, Saving Lives

In healthcare, every asset is vital. Troverlo delivers asset visibility for healthcare facilities. Track and safeguard critical equipment, from diagnostic tools to beds. With Troverlo, your focus remains where it should be—on exceptional patient care and well-being.

A surgeon utilizing location tracking and data analysis at a computer.
Automatic Industrial Gas Cylinder Tracking

Complete Visibility for the Entire Cylinder Fleet

Say goodbye to manual barcode scanning and hello to seamless, automatic tracking of your entire cylinder fleet. Gain insights into cylinder locations, deliveries, and pick-ups, all without the hassle of traditional tracking methods. Simplify operations and optimize your supply chain with Troverlo's cutting-edge solution.

A warehouse industrial gas cylinders that are tracked by Troverlo tags
Defense Supply Chain Mastery

Create End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Troverlo empowers defense organizations with unprecedented supply chain visibility. From procurement to deployment, track and manage every asset, ensuring mission-critical readiness. Gain control, minimize risks, and maximize operational efficiency with Troverlo's cutting-edge defense supply chain solution.

Troverlo tracked jeep driving down a snowy road.

The Troverlo Platform

Our Portal, App, and APIs allow you to effortlessly keep tabs on any asset, anywhere.

Whether you use our portal or send data to your own asset management system, Troverlo was built to optimize your teams' efficiency.

A laptop and tablet with the Troverlo Web Portal and App displaying a map of the world with asset points
Troverlo Subscriptions


Pricing is based on an annual subscription on a per device basis. 

Small to Medium Business

Businesses with less than 10,000 assets to be tracked

  Troverlo Data Subscription

  Troverlo Web Portal

  Troverlo Mobile Apps




Enterprises & Large Business

Businesses with 10,000 to 100,000 assets to be tracked

  Troverlo Data Subscription

  Troverlo Web Portal

  Troverlo Mobile Apps

  Troverlo API Access



Integration & Distribution Partners

Product line or distribution channel with over 100,000 assets

  Troverlo Data Subscription

  Troverlo Web Portal

  Troverlo Mobile Apps

  Troverlo API Access

  Professional Support

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